Courses and workshops in spiritual development and self awareness

Wendy works from the centre and offers a full range of personal development; spiritual development and Reiki courses.

NEW Exciting courses – booking essential – first come first served!

I’m (Wendy) running a series of life changing personal development workshops, which must be booked as there are only 12 places available on each.

There are just 2 left for this year – below – or you can view the 2015 workshop programme:

  1. Wednesday 3 December 2014, 7.30pm – 10.30pm:  Learn how to forgive and set yourself free
  2. Wednesday 10 December 2014, 7.30pm – 10.30pm: Understanding why we judge and are judged, live a more fulfilling life by looking at the ‘bigger picture’

Other workshops

Learn Reiki

Intensive Meditation 4-week course: gain a deeper understanding of meditation and explore a variety of methods and types: date to be announced.

Intensive Mediumship Skills 4-week course: learn techniques that can assist your mediumship & develop skills that will help you to deliver your gift in a professional manor – dates to be announced.

Exciting Trance Demonstration Evening with Steve and Wendy – dates to be announced (Booking required – space limited).

About our workshops

One Step At A Time workshops are relaxed, informal, fun and practical yet very informative. The workshops are designed to help you achieve your goal whether it be to tap into your psychic ability, develop mediumship, gain an understanding of yourself, build your confidence, become a healer or just meet people of like mind there is a workshop for you.

Wendy also runs workshops for those who are already practicing mediums yet understand that the 21st century requires a more professional approach to the platform and therefore wish to improve their presentation skills.

Other courses are designed for those who simply enjoy philosophy and discussing topics such as the affects of karma, forgiveness, guilt, judgement and fear in our lives.

Wendy is a qualified and insured Teacher, Healer and Reiki Master as well as a member of the Institute for Learning, IPTI and KIHA.


  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced workshops cover topics such as angels, auras, colours, mediumship, religious studies, trance and more: subject to demand.
  • Reiki courses: Reiki I (2-day course): Introduction to Reiki; Reiki II (2-day course): Practitioners level; Reiki II Advanced (4-day course): Reiki Masters (6 and a half day course); monthly Reiki Masters Share: to stay up to date (can be used as CPD).
  • Energy healing (formerly known as spiritual healing)

All workshops are friendly, informal and practical – no written work or homework is required!

To register your interest in any of the topics:
Email Wendy or call her on 07889 981154.
The Centre warmly welcomes everyone and encourages free thinking and equality.

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