Reiki Training with One Step At A Time: course details are below – to enrol please complete relevant form:

If you have the relevant Reiki certification, you can join any class or course to refresh your knowledge and gain CPD points (in that case, there is no need to enrol on the full course). Please complete an ordinary booking form (word doc).

About our Reiki courses

Reiki is an ancient system of Self-development and healing. It is split into three levels:

  • Reiki I: is concerned with the physical aspect of oneself
  • Reiki II: the mental / emotional aspect
  • Reiki III (Masters): the spiritual aspect

Once a student reaches Master level he/she should be balanced in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT.

Students do not need to possess a desire to become a healer – Reiki is firstly a self-development formula.

See for yourself how much Reiki changes your life!

Reiki I Course consists of two full day workshops.

At the first workshop students will learn the Reiki Principals, how to feel and experience healing energy a brief history of Reiki & self healing techniques using the first sacred Reiki symbol. Then students will receive a Reiki I Manual before finally being attuned to Reiki in a sacred ceremony.

At the second workshop students will be offered guidance on healing techniques & time to practice on class mates, they will also learn about kundalini energy. Following discussion students will decide whether to progress onto Reiki II. Finally they will be presented with a Reiki I Certificate.

Reiki II Course consists of two full day workshops

At the first workshop students will learn a little more of the history, before learning additional uses for the first symbol along with the uses of two more symbols. Ample time is set aside to practice techniques involving all three symbols, as well as for discussion and questions. Finally an attunement is given to fully prepare the student for Reiki II. On departure, students will be presented with a Reiki II Manual.

As the course is certificated at the level of practitioner, at the second workshop, laws governing complimentary therapists are covered in addition to preparation of the healer, record keeping & patient rapport etc. (Conclusive handouts will be given). During a sacred ceremony students will be attuned to Reiki II. Before being presented with a Reiki II Reiki Practitioner Certificate. (If desired a practitioners badge can be ordered).

Reiki II Advanced Course

To offer ongoing support to students having completed Reiki II we offer an advanced course consisting of four full day workshops. The workshops offer students the opportunity to practice Reiki, ask questions and become involved in discussions. Subjects such as understanding ones own kundalini energy, the Hui-Yin technique, scanning clients, a deeper understanding of the distance symbol, Reiki-ing objects, and much more are covered. Students also receive a Reiki II advanced attunment and discuss the Reiki Masters Course.

At each workshop conclusive course notes are issued.

Each day concludes with a Reiki Meditation during which everyone receives Reiju—a sacred blessing to empower students.

Reiki Masters Course

Consists of 6 and a half days of workshops.

During which students receive half a day’s tuition on each Master Symbol, which includes information, practical experiments, a quiz and a meditation with each. Six advanced techniques will be taught and practiced. Additional subjects such as understanding the changes one experiences on the Reiki journey, how to treat ones body, deeper understanding of the principals and Reiki Rituals, the Stupa, what to do if Reiki is not working, the healing crisis, the violet flame and some important Non-Reiki symbols. Time will be allocated to whole course revision in preparation for an hour assessment prior to the Reiki Masters Attunment. Students receive a Masters Manual and certificate.


  • Courses are taken by Wendy and Anne on the first Saturday of every other month
  • From 9.30am – 5.30pm

Reiki Masters Share

New style reiki share meeting commencing March 2013 (usually held on 3rd Wednesday of the month) from 7.30pm-10.30pm. Cost: £3 to cover expenses. It is a chance for Reiki Masters to chat,  share information, meditate, give and/or receive Reiju, give and receive healing. You won’t be put on the spot – we want everyone to enjoy the evening and come again. Please email or text Wendy to reserve your place (no booking required).

Contact us to find out more (with no obligation):

  • Talk to Anne or Wendy at the Deal Spiritualist Church Centre
  • Telephone Wendy on 01304 360169 or 0788 9981154

Please talk to one of us now & see how Reiki can help you!

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