Funeral planning

Pre-planning your funeral

If you have ever been involved with planning a funeral service for a loved one, you will know how difficult it is to ensure you have complied with their wishes and remembered their most important achievements and specific facts about their life.

The sure fact is we are all born and will all die and none of us know when it is our time to pass over.  That being said, what a wonderful gift it would be to put onto paper your wishes and save your loved ones from the anguish and worry of having to assume the things you would have wanted.

Whatever your belief, whatever type of funeral service you would like simply print out this form, complete it, put it somewhere safe (preferably with your will) and make your loved ones aware that you have done so.

Please feel free to print out this form even if you do not attend our centre, it is designed to be of assistance at an emotionally difficult time, and we would be honoured to be of help to your family and friends in addition to those of our own members.

If your wishes change, simply shred the form and complete a new one!

The questions may seem direct but they need to be that way in order to ensure your wishes are carried out, when the time comes for you to pass over.  Please enter your answers clearly (print using black ink is best).

N.B.  Throughout the form the word church has been used – if you wish to replace it with another place of worship please delete it and insert correct word.

* Delete where appropriate.

Open the planning for your funeral (word doc) then simply print it off, complete it and follow the instructions on the final page.  If you need assistance in completing it, please call into the Centre, where someone will be pleased to help you.

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