Complimentary therapies

Complementary therapies and healing offered at the Centre


Many people see Reiki as a healing technique but at the Centre we prefer to look upon it first and foremost as a method of self development. As you develop your spirituality, often the ability to heal is awakened.

Reiki healing is both a hands on and hands off complementary therapy, and the practitioner will use the method that feels appropriate at the time unless the client expresses a preference. Students who have followed the Reiki courses held at the Centre have found them to be life changing.

The nearest translation of the Japanese word reiki is universal life force energy. The technique was rediscovered in the early 1900’s by Dr. Usui and formulated into what is now known as Reiki.

I am attuned to Reiki – is there anything that will help with my daily practice?
It is not enough simply to receive a Reiki empowerment. Although once attuned, the Reiki ability will never leave you, if a student wants to progress on their spiritual path, they need to do three things:

  • continue to receive Reiju empowerments on a regular basis
  • practice Hatsurei Ho daily
  • live the ‘Reiki Principles’.

I know how difficult it is to find the time to make Hatsurei-Ho a part of your every day life and so in order to make it easier I have recorded this Hatsurei-Ho Meditation CD, which includes what you need to know about the technique in addition to the technique itself.

Taster sessions (around 20 minutes) are available at the Centre on a donation only basis. Full sessions lasting an hour can be privately arranged with your practitioner.

I am a reiki master and would like to meet with other reiki masters, can you help?
On the 3rd Wednesday of every month, reiki masters meet at 7.30pm to share and discuss experiences, techniques etc, as well as to practice reiki. There is a nominal fee of £3 to cover rent. Contact us for more details.

Energy healing

Energy healing is a hands on complementary therapy, that is routinely offered at a spiritualist church. The healer learns to channel spiritual energy through himself/herself to the patient. Taster sessions (around 20 minutes) are available at the Centre on a donation only basis; full sessions lasting an hour can be privately arranged with your practitioner.
Julie shares her story of receiving energy healing (formerly known as spiritual healing) at the Centre

How do I become a healer?
To become a Energy Healer, you would need to train with a registered energy healing (formerly known as spiritual healing) teaching centre of which we are one. Other teaching centres are on the Kent International Healing Association website. The course we run at the centre spans 2 years: email us for more details and to register your interest.

To become a reiki healer, you need to train with an experienced reiki master. The course we run at the centre spans 2 years: contact us for more details and to register your interest.

Is it safe to receive healing at the Centre whilst having chemotherapy?
As with any illness, clients are advised to consult their GP before commencing any complementary therapy. However, many complementary therapies are recommended to those undergoing chemotherapy as they have been found to prepare the body and mind for the treatment ahead. It is worth visiting the Cancer Backup website section on complementary therapies. From a more personal perspective, many of the therapists at the centre have given treatments to numerous cancer patients who each found the experience extremely relaxing and supportive.

Insurance for complementary therapists

Many associations offer therapists insurance, most of us use IPTI: Independent Professional Therapists International: an association for alternative, complementary and health and beauty therapists. Qualified Energy Healers who maintain membership with the Kent International Healing Association are automatically insured for their energy healing (formerly known as spiritual healing) work.


What is the type of meditation practiced at the Centre?
Group meditation at the Centre is guided meditation, with the group sitting together in a circle and the group leader guiding the group to a state of relaxation. The method we use involves leading the group through relaxation techniques to put their physical body to “sleep” and close their mind off from everyday thoughts, so as to raise their vibration thus developing their spirituality. Following a meditation session, time is given for the group to write down their own personal thoughts or feelings, before they are given the opportunity to share or discuss experiences with the group if they wish.

What are the benefits of meditation?
When practised regularly meditation can lower blood pressure and heart rate, and is said to be more beneficial than two hours sleep. It can relieve stress, strengthen self control and in the east it is even claimed that regular mediation practice can eliminate disease.

Can I learn meditation at the centre?
Yes. New members are welcome to join a mediation group, who meet on the third Sunday of every month, at 7.40pm. There is no commitment to come regularly and no previous experience is necessary (there is no fee, however voluntary donations are welcome).

At the Deal centre we are fortunate to have trainee mediums, who attend group meditation sessions for the purpose of developing their mediumship further – they do this by observing each person as they meditate and noting what they see, hear or feel spiritually. Hence often sitters will receive short messages from the spirit world following a group meditation.

Meditation is practiced at all workshops held at the Centre by Wendy: each session includes group meditation with spiritual messages from the attending mediums.

Can I practice meditation at home?
Yes, practicing meditation wherever you are is beneficial, and a guided CD can help to focus your concentration. Wendy’s CD ‘A Journey to Bliss‘ can be ordered or bought at the Centre.

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