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Events in 2016

Table Tipping/Spirit Board evenings

Booking essential – 8 tickets available for each event – £12 each

The days of the week these are held vary.  Phone/text Wendy to book 0788 998 1154

  • 16 Jan
  • 18 Feb
  • 18 March
  • 16 April
  • 27 May
  • 17 June
  • 15 July
  • 26 Aug
  • 23 Sept
  • 21 Oct
  • 18 Nov

Afternoon of private readings

Saturday 21 May:

  • 30 minute appointments available 3pm – 5.30pm: contact us to book
  • Cost £15 (1/2 hour)
  • Mediums: Sue Ogilvie, Barbara Almond, Steve Graves, Paul Broadway

Saturday 24 September:

  • 30 minute appointments available 3pm – 5.30pm: contact us to book
  • Cost £15 (1/2 hour)
  • Mediums:  to be announced

AGM  on 24 April 2016

If you  are a current supporter (ie, you’ve paid the 2016 Supporters Fee of £6) please come to our AGM to learn about how The Centre is run and have your say – ideas for new or different events you could organise and services are welcome.

If you want to join our supporters scheme contact us.  Supporters are offered events tickets first, including Evenings of Mediumship demonstrations. You’ll also be helping us to keep our doors open.


A variety of healing therapies continue to be offered at The Centre’s Tuesday-Drop-in-Clinic from 2pm – 6pm  No appointments required.  No fee – although Donations are gratefully received and go towards the running of The Centre.

Private therapy sessions

To arrange to have one of these therapies privately through The Centre, contact us. All are provided by qualified therapists who set their own fees for 1-2-1 sessions):

  • Spiritual Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Reflexology
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Life Coaching

Reiki training 2016

One Step At A Time is a Reiki School based at The Centre, ran by qualified teachers and four Reiki Masters.

For more details or to book a place please contact us.

We offer a high standard of training at all levels at very competitive prices (payment schemes available on request). Course fees include resources relevant to the level e.g. a manual, nationally recognised certificate, pin badge, flip-chart, meditation CD, Reiki Meditation CD (Hatsurei-Ho).

Reiki 1, an Introduction to Reiki:

  • 2-Day Course £100
  • Day 1 will be in April
  • Day 2 will be in June

Reiki 2, Practitioner Level Qualification:

  • 2-Day Course £100
  • Day 1 = 20 Feb
  • Day 2 = 27 Feb

Reiki 2+, Advanced Practitioner Course:

  • a series of 4 workshops offering additional techniques and confidence building exercises (optional course but highly recommended)
  •  Day 1 will be in March
  • Day 2 will be in May
  • Day 3 will be in July
  • Day 4 will be in Sept

Reiki 3, Reiki Masters

  •  6 and a half day course
  • £350 (plus £40 assessment fee)
  • Starting in October 2016

Reiki Teacher

  • On request 2-Day Course £100
  • If you’re already a qualified teacher with a teaching certificate, you may only need to attend one day, so the fee will be adjusted.

Reiki Animal Practitioner

Details on request.

Spiritual Development Workshops

To be held on one Thursday a month from 7.30pm – 10.30pm. Please book your place in advance: cost is £10 per evening and includes refreshments and notes.

Each workshop will include:

  • a led meditation
  • a practical exercise
  • a discussion about a chosen topic within a friendly, informal, encouraging environment.

Topics and dates are advertised on our Facebook page and in The Centre.

Personal Development Workshops (Life Coaching Workshops)

To be held on one Thursday a month from 7.30pm – 10.30pm. Please book your place in advance: cost is £10 per evening and includes refreshments and notes.

Each workshop will cover a topic and is designed to help you to move forward in your life and to gain a better understanding of yourself.  Workshops include discussion and learning in an informal, friendly, nurturing, interactive class.

Topics and dates are advertised on our Facebook page and in The Centre.

Sundays at The Centre

1st Sunday of the month – Modern Service 6pm – 7.30pm.

Join us for this service with a more modern twist including discussion and Q&A session, short led meditation, up-beat songs as well as a mediumship demonstration by a visiting medium.  .  Everyone welcome – No booking – no fee – donations welcome.

3rd Sunday of the month – Meditation Evening 6pm – 8pm (ish).

Join us for a led meditation.  enjoy a relaxing meditation after which you can share, if you wish, your experiences.  A medium will help you to understand what your meditation means before a fledgling (trainee medium) gives some short messages.  £3 on the door – no booking required – everyone welcome.  NB December – there is no meditation evening but instead we hold a carol service.

On all other Sundays we hold a Traditional Service from 6pm – 7.30pm and welcome a guest medium who demonstrates their gifts.  Everyone welcome – No booking – no fee – donations welcome.

Development Circle

If you are interested in joining a development circle please contact us.  Included details of your experience (attending services, sitting in circle, attending workshops etc.)

Mediumship Demonstration Evenings

We plan to hold evenings of mediumship with excellent mediums – dates and guest mediums will be advised.

Weigh loss group

Weekly weigh-in and support class is held at The Centre – contact us for details

Coming Soon – Yoga for all ages and abilities.  To learn more contact us now.

Naming Services

Times are changing and whereas a few years ago, everyone wanted their child Christened in Church, many parents do not want that now.  However they still want a formal ceremony to introduce their child to friends and family, before throwing a party of celebration.  The Naming Ceremony is a perfect opportunity to do that.  It can be designed to suit each child and can include as much or no religious content.  During the Ceremony the child is offered the opportunity to receive their Spiritual Name, if the parents desire.  The Naming Ceremony can be conducted at any venue.  So far we have officiated at The Centre, a Hotel, in a garden, in a field, in a hall.  Contact us for more details.

Wedding Ceremony/Wedding Blessing Ceremony

We are a registered building to conduct marriage ceremonies and are able to work with couples to design a service to their specific taste.  The ceremony can include as much or as little or no – religious content.  Wedding Ceremonies must take place in The Centre but Wedding Blessing Services may take place at any venue.  Contact us for more details

Funeral Services

One of the services that we are proud to offer is that of conducting a funeral service.  We meet with bereaved family members and together plan a service fitting for the loved one who has passed over.  Where the service actually takes place is the choice of each family.  Some request a service at The Centre before a burial at The Cemetery or a Cremation.  Others prefer a service at the chapel before a burial or others opt for a service and committal at the crematorium.  Whatever your preference, we guide you through this difficult time to ensure you are supported and comforted and that the service portrays your loved one.  Contact us for more details or simply ask the undertaker to employ our services.

Funeral Planning

We are aware that plans are available for one to plan and pay for your funeral now, however this involves pre-payment and does not include listing any personal details. You will find on our website a form that anyone can print off and complete for free.  The form asks you questions and offers you the opportunity to write about your life and to record music and other details that you would like included in your service.  Believe it or not we have visited many families who have no idea what their loved one would like and many do not know details of their life either.  The idea is that you complete the form, tell your loved ones where you have filed it, put a note in your diary to read through it each year and make any changes and then sit back and relax.  If you would like help to complete it we offer home visits to assist you for £20-£30.  It is a wonderful gift for your loved ones as it takes the pressure off them at a very difficult time.  Contact us for details.

Chair Covers & Organza Sashes/Bows

If you want to add a bit of class to your service/ceremony we can offer you white chair covers (also available for hire at other venues).  Organza sashes in the colour of your choice can also be hired.  Our supplier is able to put on the covers and tie the bows ready for you to arrive at the transformed venue. Contact us for details.  See our FaceBook page for photos.  Contact us for details


We are delighted to be able to recommend a professional photographer, who works for The Centre offering us very reasonable rates.  He is experienced at all types of photography including Wedding Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Private family and individual Photo-Shoots (full and mini shoots), he is also experienced at animal portraits and has produced some wonderful pet photographs of dogs, cats, birds and horses.  He also will attend any party to capture your memories from wedding receptions, children’s parties, engagement parties, anniversary parties and all other occasions. If you have a request he will try his best to help you, for example if you would like a particular scene photographed.  Photo Books, canvases and novelty items are also available. Contact us for details


DJ / Karaoke

We are lucky to be able to recommend an experienced DJ, who works for The Centre offering us very reasonable rates.  He has 9 years experience including DJ’ing for weddings, all ages of Birthday parties from 1-100, clubs, festivals, supporting bands – basically whatever is required he will be able to help.  He can provide a small or large set-up depending on your venue, there is also the choice of lighting and Karaoke can be included. Contact us for details

Organ Music

We are lucky to be able to recommend an experienced organist, who works for The Centre offering us very reasonable rates.  He has many years experience playing at a range of services including Wedding Ceremonies, Funeral Services, Naming Ceremonies, Carol Services, all Sunday Services and Public Events. Contact us for details.


Personal Development Programme

Life Coach Wendy is offering a Personal Development Workshop on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Places are limited therefore booking and payment in advance is required.  The fee is £10 and includes handouts and refreshments.

2015 Personal Development Programme:

Month Date Topic Description
Jan 21 Stress Understanding how stress affects us
Feb 18 Acceptance Why it is important to accept and move on – and how to go about it
March 18 Who am I How to get in tune with yourself , to find out who you are and what you like!
April 15 Anger & Resentment What to do with anger and resentment.  what they are and how to release them
May 20 Communication Why communication is important including what we say, how we say it, what we don’t say and body language
June 17 Me First How and why it is important to put yourself first. “Self before others!” in a positive way
July 15 Speaking up & Being Heard How to get your point across in a positive way
Aug 19 Thought Organisation Learn how to organise your thoughts and words, ideal if you find conversation difficult or have to attend appointments and/or meetings and/or interviews
Sept 16


Staying Calm Learn a variety of techniques to stay calm in difficult situations
Oct 21 Karma Understand patterns of behaviour
Nov 18 Relaxation Why relaxation and meditation are important and learn the theory behind it
Dec 16 Review An opportunity to review all 16 personal development workshops including 2014’s Reality, guilt, fear, forgiveness & judgement as well as all 2015’s workshops

Spiritual Awareness Programme

Medium and Teacher Wendy is offering a Spiritual Awareness Workshop usually held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Places are limited therefore booking and payment in advance is required.  The fee is £10 and includes handouts and refreshments.

2015 Spiritual Awareness Programme:

Month Date Topic Description
Jan 7 Using Your Intuition We will tune into our intuition and combine it with our mediumship skills in this practical workshop
Feb 4 Trance Mediumship An opportunity to watch Wendy demonstrate Trance Mediumship and if you choose have a go yourself
March 4 Thought Projection Working with the energy learn how to send out thoughts properly.
April 1 Improve Your Mediumship Learn more techniques to improve your mediumship skills
May 6 13 of The Keys to Spiritual Development We will examine different methods that can develop ones spirituality
June TBC Understanding Meditation We will look at what goes on behind the scenes during group meditation *
July 1 Symbols in Mediumship Learn how mediums use symbols (symbolic icons) during mediumship
Aug 5 Deeper Understanding through Practical Gain a deeper understanding of a variety of subjects through a fun practical
Sept 2 Planning an Address Learn how your guide can inspire you when giving an address.
Oct 7 Some Truths Behind Religion Free yourself by taking a look at Christianity and discover some of the truths & manipulation behind it.
Nov 4 Learn Tolerance Learn tolerance by examining a variety of world religions
Dec 2 Review An opportunity to review all spiritual awareness workshops including 2014’s and 2015’s workshops #

* A one-to-one assessment can be arranged for those wishing to be awarded a certificate in Meditation on completion of the whole course.

# An optional assessment can be arranged for those wishing to join the advanced group (The Expanders) who meet on the 2nd Friday of the month.

About our workshops

One Step At A Time workshops are relaxed, informal, fun, practical and informative. They are designed to help you achieve your goal: tap into your psychic ability, develop mediumship, understand yourself, build confidence, become a healer or just meet like-minded people.

Wendy also runs workshops for practicing mediums who wish to practice and improve their presentation skills, and philosophical courses covering topics such as karma, forgiveness, guilt, judgement and fear.

Wendy is a qualified and insured Teacher, Healer and Reiki Master as well as a member of the Institute for Learning, IPTI and KIHA.

To register your interest or book
Email Wendy or call her on 07889 981154. The Centre warmly welcomes everyone and encourages free thinking and equality.