Library and books

Deal Spiritualist Church Centre boasts a library, well-stocked with books for learning and pleasure.

The library content embraces areas within the parameters of spiritualism and other belief systems, myths and legends, including:

  • the experiences of individual mediums
  • channelled knowledge and wisdom
  • discussion and possible explanations for reincarnation
  • other dimensional links such as guides, angelic beings, sacred geometry and symbolisms
  • planetary and astrological influences
  • Healing: a substantial selection on many aspects of healing including energy healing (formerly known as spiritual healing), Reiki, and others
  • Personal Development and Self Help books
  • a selection of inspirational and poetry books.

Everyone is invited to use the library and two books at a time may be loaned free of charge for up to one calendar month.

John is the Librarian at the Centre and is always on hand to offer advice to members as and when required.  If you wish to loan a book please ask any member of staff when you next visit the centre.

If you are interested in buying your own spiritual or self development books, we recommended the Knowledge is King website.

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