Inspired writing competition winners 2012

Love and Life

I smile at you and you smile at me
And in these bodies we are bonded in synchronicity
The  joy we have of being alive
Be it in happy or sad times we are alive!

To love to learn to care to laugh
Until our journey ends and we head for the stars

Will our next journey be re-incarnation?
Or to a different Astral plane?

The possibilities are there for us
To experience again and again.

Was I in a concentration camp in a previous life?
Will I be another David Beckham
Or a king with Cleopatra for my wife?

If I was Anne Boleyn , am I now Anne from St Ives?
Who gives so much to her family
That they feel so loved and alive

I look after you and you look after me
We  shine, we  laugh we cry we grow
Until we reach our end, and it’s time to go

Tears of joy tears of pain
We head on a wave of love to another Astral plane.

Lisa Williamson (Adult)


Eyes grow damp and skin grows cold.
Tiny hands, I no longer hold.

Soon hearts bare holes, once they were filled.
Cheeks stained black, where tears have spilled.

The ache inside, now I have gone.
No longer hear, my happy song.

Souls drift free, up to the sky.
Now with the angels, I can fly.

Soon broken hearts, they mend.
The tears, they slowly end.

Your smile reclaims it’s place again, right there upon your lips.
And now I see your beating heart, where my key still fits.

Every night you watch the stars, calling on my name.
You often leave me messages, they’re always the same.

You tell me that you still love me, no matter where I am.
Sometimes you think you hear my voice, secret is you can.

No matter what the distance, whether near or far.
I am always with you, no matter where you are.

Katherine Coultrip – Age fourteen

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