Spiritual Awareness Programme

Medium and Teacher Wendy is offering a Spiritual Awareness Workshop usually held on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Places are limited therefore booking and payment in advance is required.  The fee is £10 and includes handouts and refreshments.

2015 Spiritual Awareness Programme:

Month Date Topic Description
Jan 7 Using Your Intuition We will tune into our intuition and combine it with our mediumship skills in this practical workshop
Feb 4 Trance Mediumship An opportunity to watch Wendy demonstrate Trance Mediumship and if you choose have a go yourself
March 4 Thought Projection Working with the energy learn how to send out thoughts properly.
April 1 Improve Your Mediumship Learn more techniques to improve your mediumship skills
May 6 13 of The Keys to Spiritual Development We will examine different methods that can develop ones spirituality
June TBC Understanding Meditation We will look at what goes on behind the scenes during group meditation *
July 1 Symbols in Mediumship Learn how mediums use symbols (symbolic icons) during mediumship
Aug 5 Deeper Understanding through Practical Gain a deeper understanding of a variety of subjects through a fun practical
Sept 2 Planning an Address Learn how your guide can inspire you when giving an address.
Oct 7 Some Truths Behind Religion Free yourself by taking a look at Christianity and discover some of the truths & manipulation behind it.
Nov 4 Learn Tolerance Learn tolerance by examining a variety of world religions
Dec 2 Review An opportunity to review all spiritual awareness workshops including 2014’s and 2015’s workshops #

* A one-to-one assessment can be arranged for those wishing to be awarded a certificate in Meditation on completion of the whole course.

# An optional assessment can be arranged for those wishing to join the advanced group (The Expanders) who meet on the 2nd Friday of the month.

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